About the Egg Roll Queen


Angela Fuller has been in the food service industry for 30 years.  Formerly known as Simplicious, Ms. Fuller was called the unofficial Egg Roll Queen of Harlem during an interview by Kysha Harris, a reporter at the Amsterdam News.  The name felt right and Ms. Fuller chose to keep it.

The Egg Roll Queen studied pastry and baking at Monroe College.  Her greatest culinary accomplishment  to date are her Vegan/Vegetarian Egg Rolls.  The incredible creation was born when Angela tried a spoiled egg roll and believed she could do better AND she did do better.  

Over the last 30 years, The Egg Roll Queen has been sold in Fairway, Gourmet Garage and The Natural Food Store.  Currently, these delicious egg rolls - that are enjoyed by both meat and non meat eaters - can be found in cafes around the city and vending at special events in Harlem and Brooklyn.  Her most recent events were and the Vegan Shop-Up. the Taste of East Harlem

The egg roll flavors include Japanese, Collared Soul,  Barbecue Tofu, Caribbean Soul, Garden Kale and Mexican.

Angela has been acknowledged by Bill Perkins with a proclamation for outstanding service to District 3 Schools and has received numerous mentions in newspapers including one at the start of her career in Newsday for innovative products by home cooks.

The Egg Roll Queen is in the final stages of creating packaging to have her product in larger retailers and be able to ship across the country.   

Swing by for a Bite Not Forgotten.